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About the Author, Lisa Marshall

From Speak the Truth and Point to Hope:

I am still fascinated by the power of organizational stories to set courses and motivate organizations, but I have become more and more clear that the stories we currently hold about leadership are primarily stories of leadership without love — and they are woefully inadequate to the job at hand. Leadership in every field today must result in far better solutions than we currently have.

My goal is therefore to jump-start a new conversation about leadership. I will have succeeded if this book annoys, provokes, inspires or delights you, as long as you go out and talk to someone else about the ideas you discover here.

Ask yourself:
As a leader, whether in your own life of in an organization, what truths do you think
you speak? What hope do you point to?
To what would you like to return to at the end of your current journey?
What is your big hope for yourself and for this organization? What are the new
conversations that will help us achieve this hope?
What can/do you give back or return to others while you are on your journey?
What do you plan to do when you sense you are at "The Return"?