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"It's all about Maturity" Reviewer: Martha Gilburg

Lisa Marshall tackles the often unstated and unacknowledged goal of leadership development. Not about techniques, charisma, knowledge, but about maturity, honed with a good dose of self awareness, authenticity, grown up caring for the common good. She dares us to speak a compassionate truth about ourselves AND about others AND about our external environment and to point to the possibilities that exist as we grown ups dare to care about our colleagues, and our mutual future in this world. I particularly liked the way she has provided a template for discussion of these issues in our offices and with our colleagues. This is the kind of substantive conversation that can actually change the world.

"A Gift for the Courageous Leader" Reviewer: Martin W. Zimmerman

Lisa Marshall has contributed a gift to our leadership literature. She effectively weaves history, her personal insights, literature, and the strength of gifted and proven leaders through her inquisitive interviews to create a treasure for the leader seeking.
If you are seeking the depth and essence of what leadership is in everyday organizational practice today, seek here. Speak The Truth And Point To Hope provides a beacon from which to pause and draw resolve in today's chaotic challenges and paradox.
Lisa provides a mirror for me to both examine my own leadership journey and to help others understand theirs. A literary tapestry woven with precious threads of leadership wisdom and thought provoking questions, her work helps me to clarify my leadership presence and direction. This clarity speaks to the truth and points to hope.

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