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Ten-Step Guide for Exploring Mature Leadership
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From the Preface:

Ultimately, the changes that we go through that mature us as leaders have the paradoxical effect of simplifying us while increasing our embrace of ambiguity. We know ourselves – what we value, for what or for whom we will take a stand – and we have accepted both our own strengths and weaknesses.

At the same time, we no longer need to simplify the world, to insist on a black and white, either/or reality. Perhaps as we make peace with our monsters – and in so doing, accept our own dark or shadow sides and admit our own weaknesses without empowering them – we have less of a need to see extremes and polarize the world into “them or us,” “right or wrong,” and even “failure or success.”

We also know that “the bottom line” is merely a metaphor for a yearning for greatness, and that companies don’t exist merely to make money any more than human beings exist merely to make blood. People can’t live without making blood, and companies can’t exist without making money, but their purpose is always something larger.

Ask yourself:
What kinds of metamorphoses have you experienced? What kinds have you
observed in others?
Are you prepared to accept your leadership role in the organization?
Can you live with or function with not having answers?

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Ten-Step Guide for Exploring Mature Leadership
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