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About the Author, Lisa Marshall

Lisa MarshallLisa J. Marshall is a nationally recognized expert, trainer, and speaker on leadership maturity and organizational development, and president of her executive coaching firm, Smart Work LLC. A best-selling business author, Marshall 's newest title is Speak the Truth and Point to Hope: The Leader's Journey to Maturity (Kendall/Hunt, $25.95), which presents to readers for the first time her critically acclaimed leadership-development approach. It includes powerful interviews with leaders from many fields, from Joe Dyer, former Vice-Admiral of Naval Aviation, Barbara Waugh, former Director of Personnel for HP Labs for 17 years and Bill Strickland, CEO of the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild/Bidwell Training Center.

Marshall founded The Smart Work Company to help leaders develop critical communication and collaboration skills. For twenty years, her seminars and trainings have offered executives a creative way to become more self-aware and tap into their potential through the power of story. When smart people view themselves as protagonists in a living story, Marshall explains, they begin to recognize the deeper implications behind their professional journeys.

One of this country's most sought-after experts on the subject of leadership maturity, Marshall has spoken before numerous audiences at conferences throughout North America . Her Leadership Maturity Conversations, along with The Leadership Story™, a developmental training tool she authored for creating compelling individual and organizational stories, are widely regarded as groundbreaking contributions to the field of executive coaching. Lisa Marshall has coached executives and teams at Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and international corporations, including Intel, EDS, NASA, the USDA, DOE and Taiwan Semiconductor, among others.

Marshall co-wrote the business bestseller, Smart Work: The Syntax Guide for Mutual Understanding , a practical guide to collaboration in technical environments. She contributed a chapter called “Why Smart Organizations Don't Learn” to Productivity Press's best-selling book Learning Organizations: Creating Cultures for Tomorrow's Workplace as well as a forthcoming chapter called “Where Are the Grownups?” for the 2006 Pfeiffer Annual: Training.

A graduate of Bennington College, Marshall is certified as a Master Coach by the International Coaching Federation, and she has received additional certification in Conversation-Based Assessment™, Syntax's Communication Modeling, Newfield's Ontological Coaching, and William Bridge 's Transition Management.

Prior to entering the business world, Marshall spent twelve years working as an award-winning documentary filmmaker, both in public television and as an independent film-maker. It is from that background that her fascination with story, and its power to transform lives, took hold. A mother and a stepmother, she lives in the mountains of central Pennsylvania with her husband and their dog.