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If we learned to recognize that love was at the core of all truly mature leadership — leadership that is generous and generative, forgiving and disciplined, leadership that creates the worlds we secretly yearn for — we would indeed pose problems. Because we would not settle for the Peter Pan leadership we currently have.

We would ask our leaders to ask us the hard questions. We would ask our leaders to invite us into the conversations where meaning gets made and value established. We would recognize that the famous leaders are rarely the great leaders. We would not allow leaders to play the same games over and over.

This then is not a story about leadership as commonly practiced today. The way most leaders currently behave does not meet our needs, let alone the needs of tomorrow. This is a book about genuine and mature leadership, about leaders who engage people and elicit their commitment without needing scapegoats, leaders who can hold both boundaries and connections. This is the new story that our understanding of leadership needs — a story of leaders who speak the truth and point to hope.

The Leader’s Journey to Maturity starts here. Let the conversations begin!